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If you want to Double Your Income Doing What You Love, then please grab your mouse and scroll on down to read Alex's "Open Letter" you see below...

It'll take just 10 minutes out of your day, but what you discover will last you a lifetime...

Because once-and-for-all, Raymond Aaron and Alex Mandossian will spoon-feed you the skills and tools to get what you want (double your income) and want what you have (doing what you love) ...

Now, the system revealed below is different from anything you've ever seen ... (really).

It's a system so powerful that Jack Canfield, (co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books) uses it—(he calls it his secret weapon)—to exceed every income goal he sets...


Read on...

Raymond Aaron at the North Pole

Click the play button above to hear Raymond's first conversation after crossing the finish line...

About Raymond...

In April 2007, NY Times bestselling author, Raymond Aaron at the age of 62 became one of less than forty people in the world to have walked 350 miles to the magnetic North Pole.

Despite suffering hypothermia, snow blindness and a close encounter with a Polar Bear, Raymond and his race partner finished fourth in Polar Race, an annual race founded by world famous adventurer, Jock Wishart.

Author of six books, Raymond co-authored Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul and most recently published "Double Your Income Doing What You Love"...

Raymond, the nation’s number #1 success and investment coach, has committed his life to teaching people just like you how to utilize his powerful goal setting strategies and life management tools to dramatically change your life for the better.


Register Now! Curriculum Success Stories Video Reviews Bonus Gifts Guarantee


“An Open Letter to Anyone Who Wants To ‘Monetize’ Their
Passions Faster, Better… And With Less Effort”


Date:   June 20, 2018

RE:      "The Secret to Doubling Your Income, Doing What You Love"


Dear Friend,

Thanks for making it this far…

Now I have no idea if we’ve ever met, but I do think I already know these two things about why you’re visiting this web page:

1) You're wondering if it’s really possible to double your income during economic downswings,


2) You're curious if it’s possible to make money doing what you really love.

If either of these statements is true for you now; or, if either statement is no longer true, but used to be, then please keep reading this Open Letter because what you’re about to learn could change your life.

Look, what I’m asking right now is to take just 10 minutes out of your day because what I’m about to reveal to you may make you a happy millionaire for the rest of your life!

I’m going to tell you about a man – he’s good friend and a colleague - who has taught hundreds of thousands of students throughout the world how to repeatedly "monetize their passions” faster, better and easier!

But first, I want to share a true story with you that happened during a hot and humid summer morning at the bottom tip of Baja California in July of 2007.

There I was … sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in the Hilton Los Cabos Hotel seminar hall with my wife, Aimee … and many of the world’s best-known transformational leaders, when suddenly … something crazy happened.

A man dressed for the arctic winter parka jump-suit casually stepped up on stage. His full arctic garb and snow shoes on stage didn’t seem crazy. What seemed crazy was that he looked like he was preparing for 40-below Arctic winter in Cabo San Lucas during a blistering hot Mexican summer day!

Who was this guy? … I quietly thought to myself.

Sure, I knew he was a TLC (Transformational Leadership Council) member, but I couldn’t help but wonder if he had lost his mind.

But then for the next 2 hours he had me and the other members in the audience spellbound with a captivating speech about his incredible race to the North Pole he undertook a few months earlier.

During the entire month of April in 2007, this man (at the age of 62) became one of less than 40 people in the world to have EVER completed the 350 mile race to the magnetic North Pole…


And despite suffering hypothermia, snow blindness and a close encounter with a Polar Bear, he and his race partner finished fourth overall!

Near the end of his speech, he finally took off his parka and hood. It was at that moment when I realized that the man in the hooded parka was none other than Raymond Aaron!

Author of six books, including two from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and most recently, Double Your Income Doing What You Love, Raymond is one of the most prolific professional speakers and success coaches on the planet.

In fact, after I snooped around the Internet a bit and carefully checked his references, I soon found that Raymond is acknowledged as North America’s number #1 success and investment coach.

He has spoken in front of tens of thousands of fans at Learning Annex Wealth Expos and he has routinely been their top-producing speaker…typically presenting just before Donald Trump.

But as I have come to know Raymond personally, I’ve learned how he has committed his life to teaching people - just like you and me - how to utilize his unique powerful goal setting strategies and life management tools.

These goal setting strategies and life management tools are time-tested and proven to dramatically change lives for the better.

Back to the story...

That evening I cornered Raymond during a gathering and we spent an incredible hour together getting to know each other.

Fast-forward six months and I found myself interviewing him during a Virtual Book Tour™ for his new best-seller, Double Your Income Doing What You Love.

Now...what I find curious about this book is that it has no subtitle. Truth be told, it really doesn’t need one – the book’s title is its promise.

In the same time-honored tradition of Napoleon Hill’s, Think And Grow Rich and Dale Carnegie’s, How To Win Friends And Influence PeopleRaymond’s promise requires just seven words - Double Your Income Doing What You Love – and doesn’t need a subtitle like most other books.

Listen … I could go on and on about how Raymond sails into passionate explanations of time-proven, battle-tested income generating methods he teaches any time you come within
ear shot …

I could also tell you that the content-rich 172 pages in the book are the culmination of over 25 years of Raymond’s professional speaking, coaching and writing experience.

Yet what I prefer to tell you is this … and I say it without meaning a trace of disrespect to Raymond … but, as valuable as the book is, it can’t hold a candle to listening and experiencing Raymond Aaron teach in person.

And that’s why I’ve written this Open Letter to you … and why I’m so delighted that you’ve decided to read this far.

I’ve written this Open Letter because I want you to extract more nectar from the fruit of Raymond’s 172 pages NOT just from your own point of view … but from the author’s (Raymond Aaron) point of view!

Here’s the thing: I believe that this book (as good as it may be) is simply an “explanation” of Raymond point of view. All books are explanations, right?

What’s really missing is the “experience” … Your experience of the author (Raymond in this case) and the author’s experience of the reader (You).

If you just listen to Raymond on a teleseminar for 20 minutes, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about because you’ll be totally mesmerized by his wit, his humor, his charm and of course, his passion for his unique ability to teach.

Unlike many thought leaders, Raymond teaches BOTH the “Inner” and “Outer” game of the Law of Attraction because when coupled together, they can sustain lasting success for you and your loved-ones.

Let’s revisit the title for a moment before I ask you to make a small decision that could quite possibly turn you into a higher-achieving person for the rest of your life. Is that OK with you right now?

I hope so, because the “Double Your Income” portion of the book’s title represents the “Outer Game.” And the “Doing What You Love” portion is more about the “Inner Game.”

Get it?

You need both to succeed, but most people don’t realize that. You need both to stay happily wealthy, but again, most folks don’t realize that.

And the only person I’ve found who has been preaching and teaching both the “Inner” and “Outer” game for Goal Achievement for the past 25 years and has tens of thousands of students to prove it is: Raymond Aaron.

So here’s what I want from you in a nutshell:

I want you to commit to taking a 5-Module journey with Raymond and me without ever leaving your home or office.

And from this point forward, I’m going to do everything in my power to motivate, persuade and influence you to do just that before you leave this web page.

Sound fair enough? Are you at least willing to explore the possibility of allowing me to try?

If you’re answer is YES, then I want you to scroll down this web page and listen to the other thought leaders who feel the same way I do. Then, I want you to think about who else you’d like to bring along on this Journey because…

…unlike any other tele-series I’ve ever taught or co-instructed, this one is special because each paid student gets to invite one “accountability partner” for additional companionship and encouragement.

Pretty cool, eh?

Getting started is your only challenge. Because one of the things I’m certain of is that once you decide to utilize the system Raymond and I are about to teach you, you’ll begin to achieve your biggest goals faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.


End of story.

Thanks for playing!

So are you game to at least give it a no-risk try?

Raymond and I will spoon-feed you the skill and tools so you can finally think things you’ve never thought. You’ll also hear things in ways you’ve never heard. By so doing, you’ll soon achieve goals you’ve never achieved before!

But don’t take my word for it. Just grab your mouse, scroll down and take a careful look at what these world-renowned thought leaders have to say…

Jack Canfield
Co-creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

“He has literally helped me double my income while doing what I love, when I say double, it's like double, and then double again and then double again, and then double again...”
Marci Shimoff
Best Selling Author of "Happy For No Reason"
“The whole program is so well structured and so well put together to ensure that you absolutely create the life of your dreams…”

Fred Johnson
Acclaimed Jazz Musician and Performer

"...Raymond could take the best I had to offer the world and give me a model to touch the world to a greater degree and live more abundantly.  Make more money and be happier at what I do..."

Master Both the Inner and Outer Game

Remember, Raymond's system is the only one I'm aware of that teaches you how to manage your "Inner" game and your "Outer" game together...It's the only one that uses advanced goal setting techniques designed to utilize the Law of Attraction.

And it's the only one that gives you specific easy-to-use tools that will help you achieve your goals as Raymond says, "No matter what..."

It's a complete blueprint, perfected and proven to work...and thousands of his students around
the world are using his system right now to create their ideal life...


Nicky Billou

“Since doing Raymond's program I have over doubled my income. Year over year I experienced a 119% increase in my income and now this year over last year between January and August I have made as much money as I have made all of last year…”

Harvey Brooker

"Not only has my career taken off but I have acquired a whole lot more wealth since starting with Raymond..."


Yvonne Oswald

"It’s a step by step way to find your passion and follow it through so that you can double your income doing what you love."




Here's Your 5-Module Tele-Curriculum


Module #1: Instant Gratification, How
to Get What You Want Now
How to Activate The Law of Attraction to magnetically draw exactly what you want into your life...
The 1% Solution---apply this little-known formula daily to effortlessly manifest the changes you want to see in your life
The critical importance of doing only what you to start doing more of what you love...and less and less of what you don't
Instant Gratification...Impossible? Hardly...You really can get it all NOW...when you use Raymond's powerful 5-step method to bend the universe to your will...
A simple mind trick that will build success habits automatically...use this amazing, easy technique to lose weight, skyrocket your income and more...
Why writing a Love Letter to Yourself is the most important thing you can do...but only when you do it in a very special way...
Raymond's simple exercise which when completed correctly, pinpoints your loves like a laser...why your REAL loves buried deep within you are the real key to building an abundant and joyful life...
Plus, how to make more money than you think possible doing only what you love...and
Why doing what you Love flings the doors to financial freedom wide open while not doing what you love virtually guarantees permanent residence in the poorhouse...
Discover the real reasons most people struggle like crazy to make ends meet...then hear how one dead simple, no-brainer decision can put you back on track get exactly what you want...

Module #2: Creating a Blueprint That Guarantees
You Get What You Want In This Lifetime
Why doing what you Love flings the doors to financial freedom wide open while not doing what you love virtually guarantees permanent residence in the poorhouse...
Raymond's reason why you must determine what you want chiselled
on your tombstone now (shocking I know)...wait to you hear why
How to use advanced delegation methods to blow away tasks you truly can't stand you can instantly double your free-time and do only what you love
How to apply the 'Rosetta Stone' principle to manifest both material and spiritual riches in your life...This is THE secret wealthy insiders don't want you to know...
Why you absolutely must do LESS to make more money and enjoy more freedom.
Why procrastination is really your mind's immune system in overdrive...and why ignoring its signals can seriously damage your health
The one sure-fire way to crush procrastination in your life...
The only four questions you need to ask to determine your special
talents...(even if you're mistakenly convinced you have none...)
How to use your special talents to support your Life Missions...

Module #3: How to Create the Richest
and Fullest Possible Life
The one thing that counterbalances 'spending' in your life and why you must practice it everyday (And no, it has nothing to do with 'saving'...) Use this proven technique to grow your wealth and happiness at light-speed...
Do you have messes in your life? Situations where what you've got is not what you want? You do? Then know this: Every Mess is a Lock on the Gate that keeps Abundance Out!
Messes...what they are...(you'll be stunned) why you must get rid of them...and the financial breakthroughs that can happen in your life when they're gone...

The single most powerful way to acknowledge and express gratitude for the money you have, your friends, your loved ones and your business associates...

How to leverage the four categories of wealth (there really is only four) to double your income in record time...
How to achieve any goal automagically (with no conscious effort on your part) using Raymond's ground-breaking MTO goal achievment system...
(Note: This is the same system Jack Canfield (co-creator Chicken Soup for the Soul) has used to literally explode his company's profits...)
Why you absolutely must set time aside every month to learn
something new...
When you should think only of yourself...contrary to popular
belief being totally selfish is sometimes the best thing you can
do for those closest to you...find out why...

Module #4: Using The Law of Attraction to
Achieve Your Goals "Automagically"

When getting very emotional about things is sometimes the most important thing you can do...Why it's OK to be vague about your biggest vision for yourself...and how these two things together summon The Law of Attraction to begin pulling to you exactly what you want.

The Six Goal Recording Rules---tested, scientific methods proven to produce big...operate under-the-radar to make sure you get your goals
The simple common mistake everyone makes that will sabotage a goal everytime...and how to avoid it
How Raymond used the wisdom in a famous Ronald Reagan quote to push his income into the top 2%...and how you can follow his step-by-step system to do exactly the same thing...
How to use Raymond's strategic psy-active tools to effortlessly map out (in advance) your new abundant life...

How to get a team of highly qualified experts to help you attain
a goal absolutely free...


Module #5: Moving Strategically Towards Your Biggest Goals With Ease
How to power-link Double Your Income goal stategies together to generate maximum income in minimum time...

The critical difference between Strategic and Tactical Goals and how to use both to realize your vision of success...quicker and easier

The hands-down fastest way to learn any skill you want in half
the time it normally takes...
An amazing way to brainwash yourself into believing you've already accomplished some of your biggest goals...this breakthrough technique hammers any self doubt or negativity into submission...and helps you shatter your own limitations...find out how to "get out of your own way" and experience expanded levels of success faster than ever before...

Why trying to pick yourself up "by the bootstraps" is perhaps the dumbest thing you could ever do...and why the urban myth of "going it alone" virtually guarantees your failure...

Why the ultra successful consistently seek out the guidance of
expert mentors and why you absolutely must do the same...
Why taking time to celebrate your successes is the best
investment you can possibly make...
Creating your success team...what teams really give you and it's
probably not what you think...

Not Sure?

Look, every one of us has a little voice in our heads that keeps us from getting the success we deserve...Call it what you's the doubting part of you...It filters all the information that comes into your brain...

The thing is...this little voice, the one that forms all the negative beliefs in our heads is an obstacle that keeps you exactly where you are...right?

Here's a little secret...

Raymond has also designed all his tools (his psy-active templates) to directly bypass this little overcome your natural critic.

So you can more effectively and more quickly equip yourself for complete success at whatever it is you choose to do...

For example, Raymond's MAINLY psy-active template allows you to target any goal by breaking it into three levels...


"Using my MAINLY™ psy-active template you can record a goal for yourself at three different levels: Minimum--a level you
absolutely know and believe you can achieve...Target--the level you believe you can achieve with a little stretch and
Outrageous--a level that is, for the moment outside of what you believe you can achieve..."

"Interestingly, when your goals are targeted this way you will in many cases achieve your outrageous level right from the get-go..."

--Raymond Aaron


...And this is just one of the powerful tools you'll discover when you decide to study and learn from Raymond...

Just imagine what it would be like if every morning when you swing your feet out of your bed you can hardly wait to get to your perfect job...

Take a moment and see yourself doing what you love, making more than you've ever made...

And imagine to make all this happen all you need to do is spend 20 minutes or less a month on a proven system that has helped thousands just like you... (Module # 4)

Just imagine...

If your productivity massively increased by doing not more but LESS every day?

Just imagine if you could eliminate every task you just don't want to do? (Module # 2)


Here are 9 More Reasons to
Say "Yes" Right Now...

"Your Program was the right one for me…"

"When I saw you on the stage I just knew your program was the right one for me.  So without hesitation I rushed to sign up for your program.

The lessons that I learned enroute to achieving my goals are priceless…

Long story short I was hired for a March groundschool for WestJet Airlines! (see picture Whoa!!)  Its like the universe bent over backwards to help me reach my goal!  Insane!"

Johan Gonzalez
Alberta, ON


"It Truly is a life Transforming System..."

"With other systems I've used in the past I noticed I'd write goals down then see the same sheet of paper months later with little or no progress.

Since using the Raymond Aaron's Modules my life has changed in all aspects. It truly is a life transforming system.

... I've quit smoking ... regained control of my finances and have a money management system in place.

... magic happens when you use it!

Thank You!"

Michael Lachance
Miramar, FL


"Credit card debt free ($20,000 in 13 months)…"

"Your program jolted ideas, made us think outside the box, and most of all made us focus on our goals. 

We are credit card debt free ($20,000 in 13 months), and have a passive income of $1100 per month.  I literally have friends and family now offering me money!

What a great feeling.  Making money and doing what I love.  Our next goal is to be completely debt free in 5 years and have enough passive income to retire in 10.  I'm going to do it in 7 (don't tell the wife)!"

Ron and Rhea Nightingale
Fort Worth, TX


"Piling up my successes by the week…"

"I am a 23 year old full time grad student but I still find time and value time doing my MAINLY every month.

Ever since I started the MAINLY I have been piling up my successes by the week which includes reducing my debt by $70 per month, starting a candy vending business, and more…"

Leron Collins
Marietla, GA


"I feel like I am 15 years old again…"

Douglas Logue"I used the MAINLY Principles and Raymond's teachings to accomplish the elusive goal of permanent weight control for a lifetime. I started at 298 LBS and 44% BMI (bodyfat).

As of September 18, 2007 I am at my goal of 174 LBS and 17.8% BMI and feel  like I am 15 years old again! The course teachings ... helped me to overcome many obstacles on my long road to excellent health and vitality!"

Douglas Logue
Boca Raton, Florida


"I recognize a gifted teacher when I see one…"

"After being an educator for 28 years, directing junior high bands, I recognize a gifted teacher when I see one.  Raymond's systems and programs are pure genius...He presents the materials in a way that success is guaranteed."

Adeline Anderson
Park Forest, IL


"Decreased my debts and increased my wealth..."

"Decreased my debts and increased my net worth..."

"With the MAINLY I have cleaned up several messes in my life... I am increasing in wealth by decreasing my debts...

I have discovered in the Love Letters the things I love to do ...Writing is one thing I love to do! This program has helped me ... get this first book under way and completed. I am very excited about this accomplishment and know it will pay off ..."

Bill and Amanda Chandler
Keller, TX

"The Results have been Phenomenal..."

"The results have been phenomenal! Raymond's system really works.

What did I achieve over the months of working with the...system? A painful debt - gone. A CD of original music compositions (one that I was always 'going to create' - for 6 years) - done...

Raymond's system has worked for both my partner and I. Thank you, Raymond."

Larry and Susan Rosen
Oshawa, ON

"The universe quickly stepped in to help me..."

"I wanted to change careers and learn how to earn money in the stock ... market.  I also wanted to get one of my short stories published ... 

... Once I started writing down my steps and measuring my progress with the MAINLY, the universe very quickly stepped in to help me...

So I sent in the newly rewritten story to a publisher, and within a couple of weeks, I had... an acceptance!  My story was one of only three ... that appeared in the very first edition of the magazine.  Goal accomplished with amazing and unexpected ease!

I also signed up for [stock trading] classes... online with a company that has many years of experience in teaching people to trade successfully ..."

Kevin Kiser
Palo Alto, CA


Here's Why You Should Train With Raymond

Look, I want you to understand why choosing to be trained by Raymond is one of the wisest decisions you can make...

Sure, Raymond is one of the most successful speakers and coaches I know and he enjoys a lifestyle that most can only dream about...

And you might be thinking it's hard to relate to somebody like that...but believe me...

Like most folks , Raymond has experienced more than his share of failure...In fact, it was a deep investigation into his own unhappiness (after a divorce) and financial failure (100,000 dollars in debt) that started him on this journey...his life calling...

And over the past 25 years he's looked into almost every life success and goal achievment system out there...

But in one way or another he found they all came up lacking...they were either too complex, or too impractical or they worked for some folks and not others...

What he wanted for himself was a simpler method ...a way that recognized both the "inner and outer game" in a way that would sustain lasting success for himself and his loved ones. A no-fuss system that would work for anybody yet was quicker, easier but still delivered results.

So with the help of key mentors in his life (one of his secrets) and a determination to make himself a success, he put together his own package of unique tools, methods and ideas that first worked for him and later were proven to work for his students...

The Real Reason You Stay Stuck In The
Life Your Living Right Now...

Listen, The real reason why most folks don't succeed is that they are stuck doing what they can't stand (a lousy job for instance)...and worse they have no way to take their life where they want it to go...

Yet according to Raymond pursuing your true passion in life is the cornerstone, the ONLY sure way to build lasting financial and personal success...what's more...

His proven system will move you from where you are now (stuck) to exactly where you want to be (unstuck)...enjoying an abundant and joy filled life...doing exactly what you love to do...

Let's recap:

You have heard how Raymond's tools and ideas have changed the lives of folks just like you...and you have discovered why highly successful entrepreneurs like Jack Canfield swear by Raymond's methods.

You've had a sneak peek at what we will be covering during our 5-teleclasses: You'll find how to eliminate procrastination forever, you'll discover how to do exactly what you love, you'll learn how to get an army of helpers to do everything you can't stand.

And most importantly you'll see exactly how to make more money fast by using Raymond's powerful tools...

So let me ask you:

Are you ready to let Raymond help you move your life in the direction you want it to go or are you content to stay right where you are...with the same problems and same income you have?

You know the answer...

Take control and get started building the life you want right now...

Sign up for this 5-Module journey with Raymond and me and experience directly how his methods can help you achieve your biggest goals...faster and easier than you can imagine...

And the best part is you can take this journey at our's how:

Take the first three classes...a 3 module journey absolutely risk-free* and if you don't agree that your direct experience of Raymond's unique teaching ability and wisdom will change your life dramatically for the better.

Get all your money back...

Sound fair enough?


Here's the most critical question:

Regardless of your current job state, even if you're self employed or run your own business, ask yourself: What would you give to have a life that you design and control making tons more money than your current beliefs allow?

Look, to give you an even better idea about how much Raymond's techniques and methods are worth ..let me share this little-known fact with you:

If you were to book a private coaching session with Raymond right now you would have to agree to his fee of $2000.00 per hour--his current rate...

Yet when Raymond and I sat down down to discuss this Double Your Income teleclass series, we immediately thought it should be made available at a rate which was within reach of we agreed that a tuition of $797.00 was fair...

Because not only do you get 5-modules of life-changing, hands-on instruction---(five hours of Raymond's time which would set you back $10,000 if you hired him as a coach) I mentioned earlier in this letter, you also get to invite an accountabilitiy partner for additional companionship and other words your partner gets to take the same journey with you at no-charge.

You buy one tuition for yourself and get one for your partner for free...

How cool is that?

You and your accountability partner get :

Exclusive web access to all the course materials, the guidebooks, the quick review Q & A books for:
Module #1--Instant Gratification--How to Get What You Want Now
Module #2--Your Life Missions---Creating a Blueprint that guarantees you get what you want in this lifetime
Module #3--The Six Pathways of Life--How to Create the Richest and Fullest Possible Life
Module #4--Using The Law of Attraction to Achieve Your Goals Automagically
Module #5--Moving Strategically Towards Your Biggest Goals With Ease

PLUS exclusive web access to all of Raymond's revolutionary, psy-active templates...each one specially designed to bypass your limiting negative beliefs and quickly embed new empowering,
wealth building thoughts and goals directly into your subsconcious...

And you get lifetime access to the web recordings of each teleclass...

Fast Action Reward

Now because Raymond and I want to get this material out fast to as many students as possible, we sharpened our pencils again and decided to settle on a tuition of only $497.00...for the first 200 folks who agree to train with Raymond and me...outstanding considering the ton of solid content you get (not to mention all the bonuses).

That's five full hours of solid, knock-your-socks-off teaching with Raymond and me, all the "ins" and "outs" of both the "Inner and Outer game", exclusive web access to all the course materials and over six EXTRA bonuses below, valued at $1,046 --if you agree to train with Raymond and me--for only $497.00...And remember, you get to invite one accountability partner to take the training with you...

Simply put , you pay for your own tuition and your accountabilitiy partner gets the Tele-Training for free plus receives a personalized, autographed copy of Raymond's ground-breaking book, "Double Your Income Doing What You Love"...

And, If you choose, you can pay for your tuition in two installments, one now, the other in 30 days...

Here’s Raymond's Iron Clad Guarantee:



From the evening we begin our training, you have 30 days to find out if Raymond's Double Your Income Systems ™ course is everything his students say it is...

Experience the first 3 Modules of Raymond's training and if he fails to exceed your expectations, he'll refund your hassles, no ifs ands or buts...

You WIN by learning Raymond's Instant Gratification (Module 1)--How to Get What You Want Now (Module 2) Your Life Missions (Module 3)---Creating a Blueprint that guarantees you get what you want in this lifetime... The Six Pathways of Life--How to Create the Richest and Fullest Possible Life and we LOSE a student for life … but I do hope we’ll still part as friends. Fair enough?

Click here to get started now!


Remember, if your one of the first 200 to order you also get shipped directly to you...six EXTRA, huge bonuses:

Bonus Gift Highlight #1: 

"Learn Pod"

($497 Value)
(Exclusive Bonus, only available
to the first 24 registrants)

Learn Pod

DESCRIPTION: Download all five tele-trainings directly to your Learn Pod...get immediate access to specific modules... review material...reinforce and embed key's all yours if you're one of the first 24 to take quick action and register now...
Bonus Gift Highlight #2: 

The Success Matrix: 2 DVD long set that give you a behind-the-scenes peek at Raymond's exclusive LIVE classroom... Three of Raymond's most mind-altering sessions... ($197 Value)

  2 DVD Long Set that includes...
The Law of Attraction--a step-by-step demonstration on how to use the greatest law in the universe to manifest exactly what you want...
Turning a No Into a Yes in 5 Simple Steps--insider tips from the pros...use them to secure a pay raise, close deals and much more...
Creating Breakthroughs in Your Life--what it takes to move your life to the next level...what it means to "own the
level"...moving your life forward faster...crashing through barriers that keep you stuck and more...
Bonus Gift Highlight #3: 

2 Personalized, Autographed Copies of
"Double Your Income Doing What You Love"
($87 Value)

Your Copy, Your Accountability Partner's Copy of Double Your Income Doing What You Love

DESCRIPTION:To reward you for taking super fast action when you sign up for Raymond's Double Your Income Systems training  now, I'll also send you and your accountability partner a To reward you for taking super fast action when you sign up for Raymond's Double Your Income Systems training  now, I'll also send you and your accountability partner a personalized, autographed copy of Raymond's ground-breaking book, "Double Your Income Doing What You Love".

Bonus Gift Highlight #4: 

Polar Race Lessons:
8 Extraordinary Strategies For Success
($97 Value)

DESCRIPTION: Raymond’s first person account of his incredible walk to the magnetic North Pole…the lessons he learned which you can apply directly to your own life to blow through any obstacle you encounter…
Bonus Gift Highlight #5: 

The Wealth Creator Source

($119 Value)

DESCRIPTION: Four of Raymond's very best Wealth Creator Source™ interviews with four giant thought leaders...a 120.00 value absolutely free. Robert Kiyosaki, "Investing with Controls", Jack Canfield, "Handling Enormous Success", John Assaraf, "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life", Michael Losier, "Eliminate The Unwanted"...

Bonus Gift Highlight #6: 

The Goal Handbook
($49 Value)

DESCRIPTION: Raymond’s famous goal book…handy reference shows you exactly how to write your goals…utilizes his powerful MTO (Minimum, Target, Outrageous) system that guarantees you achieve your goals in record time...

Raymond and I can't wait to start our journey with you...All you have to do is click on the above button and we'll be on our way...

To your success,

Alex Mandossian,
Course Facilitator, Double Your Income Tele-Training on behalf of:
Raymond Aaron, Chief Instructor, Double Your Income Tele-Training


Where will your life be six months from now...? Will you be leading a joyful, abundant life, doing what you love, enjoying better relationships and the lifestyle that greater income provides? Or will you remain exactly where you are now?
The choice is yours...always.

"Power is the faculty or capacity to act, the strength and potency to accomplish something. It is the vital energy to make choices and decisions. It also includes the capacity to overcome deeply embedded habits and to cultivate higher, more effective ones."

                        --Stephen R. Covey




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